Lotspeich Co. of FL, Inc.

One of South Florida’s Leading Subcontractors, specializing in Drywall Construction, Acoustical Ceilings, Doors, Building Specialties, and Exterior Finishes.

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We’ll fit your buildings with the highest quality drywall, leaving you with a fresh look and feel

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Guaranteed superior first impressions with LCF’s Division 10 expertise
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Let us certify or re-certify your building’s doors, ensuring they are up to code
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You’ll want to keep looking up, especially when you see our unique acoustical designs
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Putting on the finishing touch is what our exterior division does best
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Secure your building by having us supply and install wood, metal, or impact doors, including frames and hardware
Lotspeich is proud to be a LEED certified company.  This important certification demonstrates our commitment to quality building practices that are friendly to our world.
LCF staff volunteered to help with 4KIDS’ annual foster care picnic, a fun-filled day for foster families.
Several LCF staff were honored for their outstanding skill and expertise at CASF’s Annual Craftsmanship Awards Banquet.

An Industry Leader in Specialty Contracting

Our Mission is to be the industry leader in specialty contracting by providing the highest quality products and service while trying to exceed our customer’s expectations. Each associate will offer the highest level of professionalism, customer service and reliability to all vendors, customers and fellow teammates in an environment that encourages individual and corporate growth.

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We’ve Been Building For Over 90 years

Staff Testimonials

“I have had the pleasure of working at Lotspeich Company of Florida, Inc. for almost 14 years now. I started as the receptionist and have had the opportunity to advance over the years into a supervisor position in the accounting department. I have never worked for a company that cares so much about the growth and success of the employees. The culture that management has established welcomes suggestions and feedback, allows flexibility and autonomy, and we are rewarded for our hard work with fun team building events throughout the year. Overall, Lotspeich is more than just a job for me—it’s a family. It’s where I go to be challenged, continue to learn, and I’ve made some great friends between co-workers and customers along the way. I can’t imagine working anywhere else or for anyone else.”

Lindsay Larsen,

AR/Project Coordinator Manager Since 2006

“Ever since I started working here at Lotspeich, I have felt like nothing less than family. Right away I could see how much they cared for their employees by setting them up for growth and success. Lotspeich provided the resources and training required for me to move up the ladder to where I am today.”

Ricky Rivera,

Resource Manager & Risk Management Since 2002

“I’ve held many jobs, but when I came here, I immediately noticed a difference between the owners and employees.  I’ve never seen a place that cares about employees like LCF.  They trust us and I love to work here, as it feels like home rather than ‘going to work.’  The management is open to hearing staff feedback and is very supportive.”

Nayibe Fixman,

Purchasing Assistant Since 2014

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